I’m a male, a student, and an athlete, from the great state of Pennsylvania, and I do not like Penn State Football. Yes, I said it I hate Penn State Football… Not because I hate the school or the people who go there  (not at all, no disrespect.. best damn ice cream I’ve ever had) , but because I have been raised a Notre Dame Football fan since the day I was born. No matter who Penn State plays or where they play I will root against them. I don’t know why but I cannot stomach to cheer for Penn State…

We all know the recent craziness that has plagued the once “happy valley,” and everyone has their own opinion on the subject. Whether you agree or disagree with Joe Paterno being fired is an entirely different story, but what we all can agree on is that Jerry Sandusky was wrong and deserving of punishment. Anytime children are involved in a crime such as this one, the child’s welfare should be put first. Always, without exception.

The most recent Sports Illustrated Special Report says that this is “the Most Explosive Scandal in the History of College Sports” and basically lambasts Penn State and the University at large. It’s one thing to attack an individual or a group for this type of scandal, but to attack the entire institution of Penn State (in my opinion) is just wrong.  You don’t think that the Penn State community is having a hard enough time dealing with this issue?  Every member of the Penn State community, alumni, students, faculty, anyone who once loved State College, has had their faith shaken. Imagine if something like this happened at your own University or in your community; I know it would tear me apart.  As the media continues to exploit this story for their own use, as they do with every scandal like this, I think we need to remember first and foremost the tragedy in this story is the abuse of young children, not the firing of Joe Paterno. But we should also remember the Penn State community at large is in a period of intense healing, and perhaps we should respect that and allow them to do so.