Courtesy of the one and only T to the P Z

YouTube is getting to be a pretty crowded place these days.  With over 80,000,000 videos to sift through, it can get a little tough to consistently find keepers.  That said, “MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON” has remained one of the most heart-wrenching, and inspiring videos out there, plain and simple.  So when a second movie appeared this week on YouTube featuring Marcel (a.k.a. Ace, or Sheldon Conk), there was no question that we’d post the shit out of this soon-to-be-classic YouTube hit. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to a freak balloon-holding accident, who has been told that their head is too big for their body, or who has experienced car troubles can find a way to empathize with this feeble little shell with shoes on. Enjoy: