Maybe it’s because I have gone to prep school my whole life and its second nature to wear them, or because bending over to tie my shoes lost its luster around the same time I stopped watching rocket power, but in my opinion the best shoe on the market bar non is the Sperry Topsider.

There’s just something about wearing these shoes.  Whether you’re a frat star walking up to Delta Chi or an econ major sleeping in Micro, there’s just something about these shoes.

Here are the top three reasons why everyone should own a pair (or two) of Sperry Topsiders

1.    It’s a year round kinda shoe

Sperry’s are a shoe that you can wear everyday no matter what the season, temperature, or weather. It can be late summer or mid-February, and these shoes are still the ones you want to wear.  In spring and summer I like to rock the Sperry’s no socks look,It’s a hell of a look, and still pretty classy. Fall and winter I enjoy Sperry’s with some thick wool socks underneath. No matter if its raining or snowing, sunny or cloudy Sperry’s can and should be your show of choice.

2.    Comfort and Class

It’s pretty easy to understand once you put you feet in a nice pair of broken in Sperry’s why it seems that everyone has a pair.  Plain and simple they are the most comfortable shoes to wear around. No other shoes offer you the comfort and class that Sperry’s do. They look good and feel good and that’s what matters

3.    Versatile

Sperry’s are a type of shoe that you can wear with (almost) anything. Besides for jeans and chino shorts, Sperry’s can be worn with so much more. Sperry’s and sweatpants is something that I have noticed more and more recently—especially on a college campus. The other new look is the athletics Sperry style; this look requires you to take a chance, you might just like it. Next time you put athletic shorts on after practice throw on some black Nike or Under Armor mid-calf crew socks and enjoy.

These three reasons are why I personally where my Sperry’s… let me know why you wear yours.